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WW2 German M35 Waffenrock Coat (BOS-1234)
Very high quality ww2 german m35 waffenrock coat made of serge with white wool piping as well as silk inner lining. Dark green wool collar & cuffs. Available in different sizes, also available in different color wool piping
US Two Pocket Coat  (BOS-1235)
US two pocket coat made of barathea cloth with inner silk lining. Available in different sizes
SS Fieldgrey Breeche (BOS-1236)
SS fieldgrey breeche made of 100% fieldgrey wool with ankle buttons & adjuster as well as waist adjuster.
Allgemeine SS Coat (BOS-1233)
Allgemeine SS Coat made of 100% black wool with 100% khaki cotton inner lining. Available in different sizes.

SS Helferin Uniform (BOS-1161)
SS Helferin Uniform made of high quality field grey wool with hand made bullion insignia on pocket. Available in different sizes.
Heer Ladies Uniform (BOS-1162)
Heer Ladies Uniform made of high quality grey wool. Available in different sizes.